We provide stainless steel engineering solutions to problems such as grease, oil, fat and dirt that hampers the operational businesses of our clients.

We offer different sizes of custom made grease trappers, oil separators, water channels, floor drains and other stainless steel solutions for greener environment. We specialise in supplying manufactured stainless steel products that meet our customers’ needs for both domestic and industrial markets.
Grease Trapper Manufacturing Group (Pty) Ltd offers the maintenance solutions to customers that may already have products that we manufacture. We also remove all FOG’s (fats, oils and grease) inside the Floor Drains and Grease Trappers based on a monthly Waste Disposal agreement in which we also issue a Certificate to our customers valid for 30-Day period to each store upon request.

Plot 18 Doreen avenue,
South Africa

Phone: 012 525 1187

email: sales@greasetrapper.co.za


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